While traveling with some friends in 2017 I got to experience my first European city and a huge bucket list destination for me. One of my fondest memories of this leg of our trip was standing in Dam Square, taking it all in, while my friends grabbed a coffee. I was just standing there, watching the world go by, and then it hit me "holy shit, Im in Amsterdam. IM IN EUROPE!". The weed cafes, the red-light district, the canals, the bikes, the food (mmm stroopwafle), the tulips, the WW2 history, all these things I had always heard of were about to come to life. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be in that spot at that moment, about to experience it all for myself. This city is crazy gorgeous and so full of life. We really lucked out and ended up being there during the height of tulip season which was a big highlight. I have never seen so much colour in my life! My biggest regret however... I didn't try enough food!